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    FREE online IELTS resources – recommended!

    16th March, 2014

    Attractive Woman with Her Books

    Feeling frustrated with your exam preparation? Don’t know where to start?

    I teach a lot of students preparing for exams and some of them get stuck in test-test-test mode, rather than doing tasks and activities that actually help them improve. They lose time searching for exam materials and feel like they’re getting nowhere! There are a lot of online resources out there in cyberspace, but it can be a challenge to sort out the good from the bad. And the free ones from those that that cost an arm and a leg!


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    How can I improve my speaking?

    3rd December, 2013

    frog no ideaFor me, the key to improving this skill is to focus on meaning first and accuracy second. Communication is a two-way process. Make sure your message is clear to your listener, and this includes meaning and pronunciation. People will generally forgive you for (more…)

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