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    learn english via skype

    Do you:

    • Want to improve your English one-to-one, via Skype?
    • Want to talk to a native speaker who’s also an English expert?
    • Want a qualified teacher who’s experienced and friendly?
    • Save yourself time and money!
    • Learn from the comfort of your own home!

    Hi there!

    I’m Dianna Henshaw – a New Zealander who’s passionate about the English language and teaching! I have 20 years’ experience helping students from all over the world learn English and from this process, I’ve learnt so much about other countries, people and ways of learning and teaching. I’ve taught at private language schools, tertiary institutes and one-to-one.

    As a teacher I’m friendly and relaxed, yet always professional. I believe in helping you improve your English by using real communication, your own experiences and lots of humour. What’s more, I really care about my students.

    Together, we’ll develop your skills and confidence in online English http://tadalafiltablets.net lessons, adapted to suit your needs. You can be sure that you’ll be doing plenty of talking! Fine-tune your English to use in your profession, develop your fluency for conversation or learn useful language for travel or immigration.

    With my expertise and guidance, you can also prepare more effectively for English exams. Don’t just rely on guess-work – get professional feedback to target your weaknesses and get a better score!


    I specialise in:

    See what past students have to say about their success!

    Improve your English for life, work, travel or study or to prepare for an English exam. 

    Let’s work together to achieve your goals – I’ll do all I can to help you succeed.

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    FREE online IELTS resources – recommended!

    16th March, 2014

    Attractive Woman with Her Books

    Feeling frustrated with your exam preparation? Don’t know where to start?

    I teach a lot of students preparing for exams and some of them get stuck in test-test-test mode, rather than doing tasks and activities that actually help them improve. They lose time searching for exam materials and feel like they’re getting nowhere! There are a lot of online resources out there in cyberspace, but it can be a challenge to sort out the good from the bad. And the free ones from those that that cost an arm and a leg!


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    My ‘get up and go’ got up and went!

    13th January, 2014

    th (1)“Get up and go” is an idiom or slang for motivation. And we all know that motivation to learn anything comes and goes! Life is busy – sometimes we have other priorities, we don’t know where to start, or we procrastinate as we just don’t feel like pushing ourselves. These ups and downs are part of a natural cycle, but they can become a problem if we stay unmotivated for too long as they get in the way of achieving our goals.  How motivated are you at the moment? (more…)

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    How can I guess new vocabulary from context?

    4th January, 2014

    wonderingThere are more words in English than we can ever use or remember. Even in our own language, when we read, we often meet words we don’t know. Look back at a text you have read recently.

    • Quickly underline two words you don’t know then stop.
    • How could you discover the meaning of those new words?


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    Nursing your English (and your patients) to better health

    10th December, 2013

    thI’ve taught a lot of non-native speaker nurses in my time, and they all possessed an admirable level of medical knowledge and English. What some of them really needed were all those everyday, practical phrases that nurses use in their daily interaction with patients. (more…)

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    How can I improve my speaking?

    3rd December, 2013

    frog no ideaFor me, the key to improving this skill is to focus on meaning first and accuracy second. Communication is a two-way process. Make sure your message is clear to your listener, and this includes meaning and pronunciation. People will generally forgive you for (more…)

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