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    How can I improve my speaking?

    frog no ideaFor me, the key to improving this skill is to focus on meaning first and accuracy second. Communication is a two-way process. Make sure your message is clear to your listener, and this includes meaning and pronunciation. People will generally forgive you for mistakes in grammar or phrasing, but they’ll quickly get fed up with waiting for you to formulate your ideas. And they’ll get tired even sooner if they have to struggle to understand your pronunciation. Help them out by giving them as clear a message as possible.

    In life, we speak to different people in various styles for different reasons.

    For example, we may…

    So we need to be aware of the purpose, style and level of formality that’s appropriate for communication in a particular context. Choose language that matches the situation.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to see your progress in speaking. To improve, you need to work on fluency, accuracy, range, interaction and organisation.

    To speak better …

    If you do this, http://buyneurontinonlinehere.com your speaking will become better and clearer.

    Fact:   The more you listen, the better you will speak!!

    This is because we learn ideas and language while we listen.  We can then use that language in our speaking.  We also learn how other speakers help the listener to understand better.             



    Speaking is a bridge between speaker and listener.

      Ask yourself: “Does the listener understand my meaning?”

    To improve your speaking skills, you need to reflect:

    Here are some speaking skills tasks to try…

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