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    How can I guess new vocabulary from context?

    wonderingThere are more words in English than we can ever use or remember. Even in our own language, when we read, we often meet words we don’t know. Look back at a text you have read recently.

    Of course, we can check the dictionary, or just skip them, but sometimes, it is useful to develop our vocabulary skills by guessing the meaning from context  (ie. the words and ideas around it).

    When you meet a new word…

    guess vocab


    If there is not enough information in the context to help you guess, then you need your dictionary.

    Task:  Guessing new words http://buysoma.net from context

          Part 1:

    new word

    Part 2:

    Now use your dictionary to check the meaning of each of your words.

    Part 3:

    Now, why not teach a friend the meaning of your new words or try to use them in your speaking or writing.  

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