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    How to pronounce: -ed endings (on regular verbs)

    pron53English pronunciation can be tricky for learners. One area that many speakers have difficulty with is how to pronounce -ed endings on regular verbs, like missed, cleaned, helped…   Students often over-pronounce the -ed ending as an extra syllable…. they say”  I miss-ed my girlfriend; I clean-ed my room; my friend help-ed me with my homework.  What you should say is….

    Take a look at the table http://genericclomid.net below to learn the patterns:


    How do you pronounce the past of the regular verbs below?   /t/, /d/ or /Id/?  (Follow the patterns in the table above)


    Now when you listen to people speaking English, see if you can hear these endings.  Try using them correctly in your own speaking.

    exceptionPlease note:  Exceptions

    When the following  -ed words are used as adjectives rather than verbs, they are pronounced with /Id/

    For example:

    • aged
    • blessed
    • crooked
    • dogged
    • learned
    • naked
    • ragged
    • wicked
    • wretched


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