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    How can I improve my grammar?

    thinking yellow faceEnglish grammar can seem a real challenge because:

    But the good news is that while there are many thousands of words in English, there is only a limited amount of grammar.

    So with regular effort and practice, you can make real progress.

    Why is it important to learn how to use correct grammar?

    When native speakers read or listen, they expect what you say or write to match regular grammar patterns.  These patterns help them to understand each other easily.

    It’s OK to make mistakes, but you need to learn from your mistakes.  If you use the wrong grammar too often, the listener/reader may feel confused. So when you learn grammar, you need to practice using it regularly.


     Grammar is the bones of a language

    Vocabulary creates the main meaning of a sentence, but grammar holds all the meaning together.


    To improve our grammar, we need to:

    Tenses need teamwork – learn the parts that go together to make each form and remember them.

    grammar teams

     Use them in speaking.  Use them in writing.  Practice, http://xanaxonlinebuy.com practice, practice

    And learn from your mistakes.

    To improve your grammar, you can…


    Grammar needs practice.

    Use it or lose it!

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