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    Most vs almost: Why not: “Almost people like pop music”?

    I often hear students misusing the word “almost”

    … they say things like: “Almost Koreans like eating kimchi.” Or “Almost people like pop music” :-/  “But why is that wrong…?”  I hear some of you ask…


    Actually, you mean:

    Most means the majority of / the largest part of the group/thing.

    Almost has a different use


    For example:

    –   After running the marathon, I was almost dead.  I’ve never been so exhausted!
    –   I had a big night out at the pub and had almost no money left.
    –   Almost all of my friends are married now.

    Almost means  nearly , but not quite     (ie. you are still http://shopantibioticsonline.com alive, just! / you have a few dollars left / there are still two who are single). It is not usually followed directly by a noun.

    th2So I can’t say almost people like pop music – that would mean they are nearly people, but not quite!  (part people, part…alien? horse?…)


    Try these sentences below:

    1. I __________ got run over by a car the other day. Luckily my friend pulled me out of the way.
    2. Because of the traffic, he  ________ missed his plane.
    3. I have a terrible memory. I forget ________ people’s names as soon as they walk away.
    4. When he looked in the fridge, it was ___________ empty – nothing to eat but an old piece of cheese!
    5. I’ve visited _________ cities in my country.  The only place I haven’t been is Wellington.

    Good luck using them well!


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